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tv   On the Money With Maria Bartiromo  NBC  May 12, 2013 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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you could hit this putt a lot of times and not hole it. this is really fast going down the slope. >> i called it. one in 50. >> and lingmerth probably one of the last guys that tiger thought he would have to dodge at this star-studded weekend. leader board. this goes in, force a playoff at 17. looks pretty good. oh. >> and tiger woods is a players' champion again. a dozen years removed from his first. and he just saw it. >> huh? >> good work. i told you you would get this.
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>> yes! >> way to go, buddy. >> woo! >> he had his battles with the track, with the place. >> you know that is more the real tiger. we always get the reserved tiger. probably dent reidn't realize h on camera. he enjoys it. sometimes you don't know it. he has joy in those limbs. >> this for lingmerth to wrap up solo second. streelman. maggert at 11 under. just behind him now. >> this for a huge pay day for lingmerth. the richest purse in golf. >> roger was right that first putt was about, was so fast. this one is a little slow. moving a little to his left. >> second place worth more than $1 million in its own right. and lingmerth will join that tie for second at 11 under.
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with streelman and maggert. what a week for david lingmerth. huge week. final group. survived the fire and the heat. and pretty much everything, saw grass could hand him. began the day tied with garcia and woods. he is the guy that end up challenging woods to the end. >> very impressive. the mistake he made. shoe not have hit a driver off the tee. should have hit a 3 wood. would have gone to the >> bogeyed to start the day. costly five for garcia. whose head is probably still spinning and will. for the finish. a quad and a double. dropped six shots. johnny in the last two holes. that's really brutal.
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another weekend where he was paired with him. tiger has gotten the better of sergio. seven times out of seven. tiger shot better than sergy on the weekend. in every single one of the instances tiger has gone on to win that tournament. and there it is, the final board. tiger by two over streelman, maggert, and lingmerth. and we go done to steve sands. >> tiger, it was really intense watching from outside the ropes, what was it like inside? >> sorry, mom. i think she might have had a heart attack. it was tough. you know i was in control of the tournament. and got to 14, tee, and just absolutely hit the worst shot i could possibly hit. and then -- it all, made double there t. but, just stayed really patient. that was my, you know that was the best i made all day. no reason i can't still win the golf tournament.
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>> your first win on mother's day. happy mother's day to your mother. your 100th start on the pga tour, 200th start on your pga tour and now won the 300th on the pga tour. how was it to close this one out? >>ness was hard. conditions got tricky. i left myself double breaking putts. i called joey over quite a bit today. because i just had a hard time reading them. i hit a lot of pure putts. they were lipping out. it was, right to left, left to right, right to left. and is it going, is the green going to take it not going to take it at the end. we were having the conversations. they weren't simple little putts. i figured i am probably not the only one, the greens will be dicey, tough. with the wind blowing like this. it played tricky. >> in your career the quickest you have gotten in a calendar year to four victories, how would you describe the way you are playing golf right now? >> i am getting better.
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>> that's it? >> that's it. >> congratulations on the win. >> thanks. >> the 2013 players champion. >> tiger accomplishes a first in his ill -- illustrious careers. that sums it up. he is back in a way that pretty much nails it. fourth win for tiger, we're back with more from the 40th players in a moment.
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>> the winner of the 2001 players championship, tiger woods! >> it was better than most. >> better than most. >> it has been so long, those were the days, the big shirt, big pleated pants for tiger.
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12 years later he gets it done again on a course which has really gotten the better of him for so many years. he beefed up earlier this year on course he's has won multiple times on. eight wins now at torrey pines. an eighth win at bayhill, a fourth win at doral, and just his second win at the players championship. extremely satisfying victory for tiger woods who notches pga tour victory number 78. streelman moves up into the third shot. horschel, fourth. kuchar, middle of the pack. as you look at the rest of the top ten. so next week on tour, the -- the guys head to irving, texas, for the hp byon nelson. the bmw charity pro-am. and he has always had, you know,
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the flare for the moment, johnny. he wins his 100th start. he wins in his 200 pga tour start. and wins in his 300th career start here. guess he is a shoo-in, some 100 start from now as well. >> it is very impressive. and the key little phrase was, "he's getting better." referring to himself. the work he put in is paying off. he has even moved it up a notch with new standing. closer to it. able to be up the line and done the line more. play the cut. play it straight. he can play the draw. he has been stuck with the fade all the time. it is impressive. the really key stat was minus 12 on par 5. the best tiger has ever done here at this golf course. this championship. so five pars won it for him. one under in the threes and fours. really, beside the 14th hole which was really unusual shot for him at high pop up hook was the terrible shot. but, beside that he played great golf. he is looking really good for -- for the future. and looks like he might get a
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major if he keeps doing what he is doing before the year is out. >> a blond of short holes. and long par fours. do you think the golf course measures up good for tiger as he continues his march at 14. >> i said earlier -- almost looked like he was playing, not using his driver, using the 5 wood he loves, using the 3 woods. basically playing for position. be very patient he said. he looks really good right now. say all systems are a go. with the great putting. number one in putting on tour. >> a weekend. tiger and sergio trade comments. no matter what side you are on, tough thing to watch garcia drop six shots in the last two holes tied for the lead as he stood on the tee at 17. there is the final board. tiger winner by two. on golf channel you can see live from the players, interviews, reaction, plus, the trophy presentation. and in a couple weeks don't miss the action from the pga of america brings together some of
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the biggest names in golf, the senior pga chiampionship on gol channel and nbc. coming up next "the voice" followed by a brand new all-star celebrity apprentice. for our entire golf channel and nbc announce team, dan hicks saying so long. tiger woods is the players champion again. you have been watching the players, part of nbc sports, championship season. >> ha-ha! what's that, huh?
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over 16 million people watched orb win the kentucky derby. orb captivated america in capturing the first jewel of the triple crown. saturday, he faces the next challenge in the big race. the triple crown continues with the preakness stakes. saturday, 4:30 eastern on nbc. ways we're stealing from
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our children and grandchildren? what we have to do is educate and push back at the grassroots level against groups like the
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aarp. >> but there are a lot of bright spots. i'm glad you point them thought the book. biggest economy, strongest innovation. does that balance out the dysfunction? >> not quite. but it's true we have all these advantages. look how far and fast we have come in the energy domain. three or four years ago no one was coming on your show saying the united states is going to be the next energy powerhouse of the world. but we're exactly that that shows what it is we can accomplish. but yes we do have to get our house in order. more than anything else, it probably means getting long-term entitlements under control. well don't have a near term problem, but we do have a medium and long-term problem. and the real question quite honestly is whether our politics are up to it to making the sorts of decisions we have to make. >> and i'm glad you mentioned energy, but this seems to me to be a game changer for economy. >> absolutely. >> but we're not moving on it. this is the kind of area where business and washington should come together to actually find solutions for using the commodity that we have in this country, like natural gas. >> we're beginning to move in that direction. and i think we're going to have
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debates about exporting a little bit of our natural gas. it's already making american manufacturing far more competitive. it's one of the exciting growth spots of the american economy. it's helping us in climate change. funnily enough, we're one of the few countries to meet the targets established by the kyoto protocol. why? because we're moving out of coal and into natural gas. it's a game changer, plus it gives us a little bit of cushion for the next instability in the middle east. we're not energy-independent, but we're moving towards self-sufficiency. it shows the linkages between what happens here in our foreign policy, what happen there's and our abilities to succeed here at home. >> i love it. i think it's a great story. let me get your take on what is going on in some of these hot spots. >> sure. >> in the world like syria, which seems to continue to disintegrate, like north korea, which seems to continue to have more threats against the americans. what is your take on these hot spots? >> well north korea, the real question is whether china is going to use the influence it has to keep the north koreans
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under control. over the last few weeks, we've seen a little bit of that. north koreans have been barking a lot, but we've not seen a real outbreak of violence. i think it's because the north koreans understand the next korean war will be the last, that the united states and the world are not going to live with this kind of a north korean threat. syria is more difficult. i would say there the united states needs to continue to get involved. but there also needs to be a ceiling on what it is we do. at the end of the day, it's almost a business concept. the urgent can't always crowd out the important. we have to put a court of appeit we do in syria. think about china, japan, that's where the real powers are colliding. we have to rebuild america. i'm not saying ignore places like syria. what we want to do is help, but we don't want more rocks. we don't want more afghanistans. we don't want more vietnams. that's why i wrote this book, to give people something of a guide to figure out where do you get involved, how much. we have a lot of resources, but we don't have unlimited resources. we have to choose, we have to set some priorities, we have to
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be disciplined. >> absolutely, great advice. richard, good to have you on the program. >> thanks. >> congrats on the book. it is mario batali. his hospitality empire dedicated to bringing la dolce
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when it comes to dining dollars, from new york to hong kong to your kitchen, my next guest puts his money where his
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mouth. chef mario batali is owner of 24 restaurants, author of nine cookbooks. mario, great to have you on the program. >> great to be here. >> thank you so much for joining us. so you operate restaurants all over the world. what is the dining industry tell you about how consumers are feeling right now? >> well, it tells me that they like -- at the the same time they like something they recognize, and they want to take a little risk, but not one that can't be paid off. so we'll sell a risky appetizer, but not so much a risky entree. the volume says they're comfortable everywhere we are. >> so people are certainly recognizing tough economic times. >> right. >> and they're being selective. >> selective, but they're very much about value. at the end of the month, you look at your credit card statement, value at $20 and value at $200 a head. and they look at it and figure that was worth it that day and that's why we have return guests. >> they want value. >> right. >> they want to make sure they're getting something for their money. >> right. and they're not looking for some superfluous overexpensed something. they want to do it. they want to enjoy quality, but
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they're a little shoppy about it, which is good. >> something that comes up frequently are some comments you made about wall street recently. you compared bankers to hitler and to stalin in a panel discussion back in 2011. whoa! tell me more about this. >> well, the regrets were -- the comments were regrettable, and i continue to apologize to my friends in the financing and banking industry. it was not how it came out. i apologize for it. >> but you're a very successful businessman yourself. i mean, you know, you look at the fantastic performance you have had by working hard, by being talented. a lot of your customer base sees you as this big shot business guy. >> and to a certain extent, i'm still dining on selling oranges and spaghetti. and that's fundamentally what we do. we buy stuff, fix it up and sell it for profit. everybody in all industries that does that, i'm a total fan of everybody who is doing something.
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>> the american dream. >> right. >> is alive and well, wouldn't you say? >> in new york city it's stronger than it's ever been. >> what are the challenges for you of brand management? you've have to manage your brand. you're an international brand. how do your skills interact with organizing stats as well as the obviously bread and butter which is the delicious food? >> you have to really make sure the authentic experience is within grasp of the staff and the customer. and what you have to do is go from each place to each place, making sure they understand this is not smoke and mirrors. we are all about the bricks and mortar of what a restaurant. we're not selling things we don't know what they are. we're not trying to jump on the bandwagon of hip, modernist cuisine. we're selling the italian ideology. we're not inventing it. we're reinterpretation it. no one is ever going to question somebody like lydia bastianich or a grandmother at the table. hopefully we can bring that to the table. >> what is being brought to the table right now? what is hot right now in terms of food? >> people are excited with the farm to table.
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it's always been farm to table i don't know where it went besides from the farm to the table. there is a good line of understanding where stuff comes from. and the transparency of ingredients through preparation to the plate is a really big and important part of our world right now. >> how are you reaching consumers today? it is still through cookbooks? tell me about your shows, your cookbooks, and really speaking to your audience. >> well, i'm on the 2 everybody day on abc, which is a major network show. that's an easy way to get ahold of it. the web presence is interesting. we're using a lot of kind of short, fun little videos and putting them on our websites, and tweeting and they're using facebook in a way that is still kind of new to me, although my children look at me like i'm a dinosaur. we're still playing along in the regular world. >> how lucky are you to be working with family? i love the fact that your sons are cooking as well. they're out with a book, the batali brothers cookbook this month. is celebrity chefdom a family business? >> i don't know. they really created this as a birthday present for me two years ago for ms. 50th birthday
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place. my wife shot it on her cell phone. the whole book was brought to a printer. they published the whole thing. my publisher saw it and said hey, can we do that book? well, let me talk to the boys. the boys are maybe not, but maybe. and there it is. it's going to come out next week, the batali brothers cookbook is our family little tome. mario batali. up next a look at the news that will have an impact on your money. and driven to perfection. the car that got the best rating that consumer reports has ever been at. back in a minute. so... [ gasps ]
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for more on our show and our guests, check out the website, i hope you'll follow me on twitter and on google plus. look for @mariabartiromo. first, though, here is a look at the stories coming up in the week ahead that may move the markets and impact your money this week. first quarter earnings reports are out from retailers macy's, walmart, kohl's and jcpenney. last month we get the total retail sales report, get a look at consumer spending there. and wednesday, the producer price index will be produced. the ppi tracks inflation at the wholesale level. thursday the consumer price index to see if we are paying more for our goods. thursday the number of residential units that begun construction last month will be out. finally today, it is as close to perfect as you can get. consumer reports gave the best score it's ever given, a 99 out of 100 to the electric car, the tesla model s. the month partisan, nonprofit
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magazine cited the tesla's power, handling, and pinpoint interior. tesla just reported the first profitable quarter in the company's ten-year history. by the way, if you're interested, the car will set you back a near $70,000, and it gets 200 miles per charge that will do it for us today. thank you so much for being with me. i'll see you next weekend, and next week join us with jennifer aniston. how a style that launched a thousand haircuts. now the a-list actress is getting to work in the beauty industry. each week keep it right here where we are "on the money." have a great week, everybody. [ wind howling ]
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nature at its most delicious. [captioning made possible by nbc universal] >> this is "the chris matthews show." >> ask not what your country can you.r >> tear down this wall. >> i can hear you! come! time has change for chris: tomorrow it's still barack obama's time but republicans are focusing on hillary clinton in 2016. us, especially women my age, find it hard to think of what it would be like to have a as first lady, but as head of state, chief executive and commander-in-chief. already, hillary's time at secretary of state is getting a legions of menas and women say it's her turn. did we do it right? this show back at how called hillary's last run for president. were we smart? were we? did we see